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Quality of Place Council

The Quality of Place Council (QOPC) first met in November of 2011. The mandate of the QOPC is to implement Fort Fairfield’s Economic Development Investment Strategy.


The development of the Investment Strategy provides the QOPC, the Town Council and administration a blue print of the community expectations for our future together. Its success will be predicated on how the plan is implemented. A clearly defined and transparent process is being established for prioritizing the goals that have been identified, developing access to funding and establishing accountability to the community.

The Quality of Place Council was initially composed of twelve members with three-year staggered terms. The Town Council appointed the inaugural committee members, and as terms have expired, the QOPC has made recommendations to the Town Council for the approval of replacements. The Council amended its bylaws to include two additional members, bring the number of Directors to fourteen.  The fourteen members are comprised of a member from each of the ten Vision Fort Fairfield committees, two members from the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, and two additional members from the Board of Directors of the Frontier Development Corporation. The current Directors are: Kim Jones (President), Jacquie Martin (Vice President), Susan Fitzherbert (Treasurer), Judy Armstrong (Secretary), Steve Towle, Stev Rogeski, Sarah Ulman, Phil Christensen, Brent Churchill, Scott Craig, Michael Woodman, Carolyn Dorsey, Kevin Pelletier and Narda Guiou.

Additional responsibilities of the Quality of Place Council will be to review the goals and strategies outlined in Economic Development Investment Strategy and on an annual basis the Council will make recommendations to the Town Council for additional projects to be considered predicated on the needs at the time. The QOPC will look to the ten Vision Fort Fairfield committees as an additional resource in implementing the identified goals and strategies. They will meet no less than quarterly to review ongoing projects and to prepare recommendations to the Town Council for new ventures as is deemed appropriate.

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