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Greetings Everyone, 

I’m thrilled to be back again this year as the Director of the 73rd Maine Potato Blossom Festival in Fort Fairfield, being held on July 11-19th 2020.

Being a native of Fort Fairfield this is more of a labor of love for me now in my retirement years to be able to give back to a community that holds so many wonderful memories for me growing up there, owning a business and holding the position of Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce for (5) years. 

A lot of those years were spent helping to organize the Festival which is a huge undertaking only really known to those who have been directly involved over the years. But the efforts put forth on behalf of all the volunteers, businesses and sponsors & the Town of Fort Fairfield, has been well worth the effort. 

This annual tradition is still a tourist destination point for thousands each year as well as a Homecoming for many as well. 

The economic impact is not only felt in Fort Fairfield but the surrounding communities as well. So it is vital that we continue to work towards keeping this old family tradition sustainable and focused on its mission, that is to celebrate our Agricultural History and Heritage and the role our farmers locally and throughout the State of Maine play in the food we enjoy on our tables. 

I have an awesome Festival Committee that is dedicated to helping bring over (80) events to this year’s festival, including many new events. 

We will also be celebrating our 200 Maine Bicentennial Milestone with several events as well. 

Plan to join us for what we promise will be (9) fun filled days. Look for our updates on Facebook as well as our Town website.  or 


Cheryl Boulier, Director

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